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Episode 7

Chapter 7...

Hello Diary, I am back.......

I am sorry. I just had to wash my face and come back. I became emotional when I started to write about Suja. She is my X wife.

As everyone or as every human I too expected the same. All I wanted was a peaceful life. I have everything in my life. I have my beautiful family who are more than anything in my life. I was sure that Dad and Mom will never go wrong when it comes to getting a bride for me. But there is something called destiny and that never spares any one. I was never in the hands of fate and destiny in my life. I saw how it took different twists and turns and gave a shock of my life that my eyes failed to believe, yet the truth which was bitter.

More over Mom was always proud about my two sisters in laws who she had searched for my brothers. They are not only equivalent in money, family status, studies but also in understanding the family very well. They knew about family cultures, our habits and as a whole they are perfect wives. My brothers nor my parents had ever complained about them. They knew how the working men are and they adjusted their life and tastes accordingly to the family. And because of this wonderful attitude the family was hassle free and peace prevailed. I saw them as my mother’s as they really behaved with me the same way. 

Soon the whole family sat in front of the broker and started laying down their expectations. Dad started with same family status, educated girl. Most of all her parents should be from the same caste and religion. I was never sure why Dad was always behind family from same caste and creed. That’s the same way how abroad is. They don’t even know if life needs all these. But here, our culture respects and expects these values and I was no where an exceptional. 
Mom was keen on looking for a girl from a joint family only. Both my brother’s wives are from a joint family. They both are cousins and both my brothers got married the same day. And that kind of unity is such an admirable thing to see. I was asking my sister in laws if they had another sister or a cousin whom I can marry so that the entire family will be bonded. But they nodded their head saying they were the last ladies to get married. O, still I was sure that my home ladies can never go wrong in their selection. I told them that I don’t need a girl to give me happiness, get me a girl who gives me peace and most of all the family is more important to me. Arun anna was worried if I any other commitments or any kind of expectations. I just nodded a big NO. Why should I take the pain when my parents and brothers n their wives can do that. 

I did have some expectations. I wanted a joint family. End of the day all should assemble to eat together. Weekends at our home and that’s together. A girl who doesn’t need to go to work. I don’t mind even she would work, but before I drop in home I expect her to be at home. I don’t want my other home ladies doing anything for me. I am sure Mom needs some rest.

The search began and that went ahead for 6 months. My abroad trips continued. I was travelling between Bangalore and Chennai in different intervals. I had travelled almost to all the countries in Asia asking for projects and meetings. All was successful. I had a small plan. Just before getting married I wanted to build my own house and complete all my credits.

My parents started to bug the broker so much that he became a frequent visitor. The broker didn’t stop his response. The first thing in the morning every other day he visited our home and gave a list of girls photos and profiles and Dad saw them before he left to office and by end of the day called the broker and gave his denial.

Slowly the search started to give them the disbelief. That was when my Dad’s friend Dhanashekar came up with a proposal for his daughter Suja. She is one and only daughter to her parents. She is well educated and she was double graduate. There was no necessity for her to work and her family status was too good that she was never allowed to step for any interviews as well. Her Dad was strict about this particular thing and told her that she can persue to work incase her future husband and his family says so. He told that there were none of the ladies in his family who worked. He strongly believed in that. So Suja was brought up with luxary and money. She was over pampered and never had been in a joint family. MY Dad hesitated about this proposal as she is the only daughter. They were worried if she would adjust in a joint family. Both her Dad and Mom assured on behalf of their daughter.

Slowly Dad and Mom falling into that trap and now to get both Suja and Me. We did meet up in a temple on one fine Saturday morning. I liked her in the first instint. She was so beautiful. She was wearing a saree and her long hair was covered with flowers. She looked so beautiful. Her face lit like the moon. She two eyes were brown in colour and that resembled Actress Aishwariya’s eyes. Yeah, everyones wife / lover is most precious to them. But she was so gorgeous that I was just awe struck and speechless. She was 5.7” feet tall. She look slim and beautiful. Her eyes did shine like stars. She not only looked fair, but was healthy and bubbly. 

I hardly spoke for 2 mins with her. Rather should say nothing other than,”HI, Iam Tarun”, and she replied,”O nice to meet you.” I knew from that very look of her, she was feeling shy. She didn’t even lift her head to look into my face. Mom came back. She told us .. that everything has been decided. And also gave a strict warning that we shouldn’t meet nor talk to each other until the wedding is over.

I was wondering what was all that.. infact in this 21st century who believes these cultures. Its most of the time live in relationships or love marriages and whats there if we speak or meet each other? Are these family rules important? Neeraj anna told me this.. that its better that you guys don’t meet as after marriage there will be an urge and liking to know about each other.. why break that suspense.

Arjun’s older brother Neeraj had been married for 3 years and was not blessed with any kid. Though the family pesters them so much for a heir, the happy couple just behave and enjoy life as new weds. His wife Reena was well educated and that’s when during my marriage proposal time she got an offer to work in UK. She moved to Manchester. And she had been there for a period of 6 months and in another 2 -3 months Neeraj anna would also leave. She had searched for a job for him. And they are going to be there together. His marriage was a love marriage. So from his experience from his wedding there was nothing that his wife didn’t know before they got married. So there was nothing to tell her or show each other something new.. so his experience gave me an idea to wait to be with my Angel Suja till my wedding.

The engagement dates were fixed and I was posted permanently in Bangalore. There was none at Arjuns home to take care of his parents so he chose to be in Chennai branch. During my engagement all that I opened my mouth and ask was to push the wedding date like away for 1 year. As planned I wanted a new house to be built and I wanted to take my wife to a new house. I had purchased a new land in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. But, Suja’s parents were adamant that they wanted to present me a new car, bike, a house and what not during my marriage. 

The dead line was just two months …… and Suja and her mom came over to Bangalore. They wanted to stay with me and furnish the house. They did have a villa in White field. And that was pretty close to my office. They took me to the car showroom and gifted me a Lancer car. The best car ever. Later we both did the shopping to buy each and everything for our new home. That time it was a nice experience to talk to each other and waited to be together alone when her mom was not around to exchange glances. She did enjoy everything. So did I. the wedding purchase was all over. We had been to Shakthi silks in Bangalore to purchase our wedding collections and that cost us the time ….. you pretty know how ladies shopping would be. Pooh!!!!!! All was done. I felt sad that two weeks got over in a jiffy. The time was not enough and she left with her mom. I enjoyed each and everyday with her. I couldn’t wait for the day when I can hold and feel her hands. 
Another 45 days more for my wedding and that’s when she called me. Suja called me on my office land line. She asked for me and I was in a meeting. It was already 4pm when I came out of the meeting room and was running around with hunger. I wanted to eat something very badly. There was short note on my desk. It was signed as Suja “I am waiting to have lunch with you.. call me when you are done with your meeting,”.…… Suja??? What is she doing here? Did she come to my office? O my god. Bless me god .. I didn’t even feel the urge for food now but the urge was see her and beautiful face. I just rang to my PA and that’s when there was a knock on the door.. It was Suja.. I was surprised. I fell again for her smile. Her beauty was killing me. I could feel the burning urge to hold her hands.. but stood there in my seat and she came in with some parcel in her hand. She told me that she came here to invite her friends and she will here for 4 days. She came today afternoon and waited for me to come over to have lunch together. And my office people knew that what so ever be the situation they never dared to disturb me when I am in the meeting room. So she was informed the same and she was asked to wait. She waited for so long.. my god, the stupid rules of mine made my doll wait with hunger. That moment the anger filled me. I immediately apologized to her but in return she told that she had ordered some KFC meals for us together and she wanted to have food badly as she couldn’t bear her hunger. 

We did eat and I asked her where she was planning to stay. She said that doesn’t have any ideas but she wanted to look for a hotel. I asked her if she doesn’t mind she can come to my house. She hesitated and then agreed. I didn’t want to force her much. Soon it was 6 pm and we left home. I took her to my home and informed my maid not to tell anyone (especially our parents) that Suja is staying with me. She wanted to go for a long drive and we did go to Hebbal – Lumbini Gardens. We spent our time there just gazing at each other. I knew that the waves of urge were running into my body. But I knew that this was not the time. I really had to wait………

The first mistake I ever did was that night………. If at all I hadn’t done that I would have escaped from my marriage……. FATE … DESTINY whatever you call that as has screwed my happiness into bits and pieces…
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Episode 6

“Hello Diary,
I am not able to bear this pain. I have lost Tara. She didn’t have the patience to even speak to me to know what happened. She didn’t even give me space to explain her. It’s not my mistake. I cannot share this with anyone for everyone who listens to my life will think I made a mistake and I betrayed Tara.
I didn’t do so. I never intended to do so as well. I wanted a right time to tell her everything about Suja and get her home. I was sure that she believed me and everything was going well, I still don’t know the reason why she left me. I didn’t do intentionally…

I was 22 years old when I returned back from US, California after my MS and I wanted to start my own business. Dad’s ideas were to get me into garments or leather industry. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted a life of my own. I was sure about my family. My brothers and mom will never object. In fact they will assist me but convincing my dad will be a tough job.

It was more than a week since I started this topic of starting a new business to Dad. But he didn’t respond. So were my brothers. Arun was very close to me. He is older than me for 6 years but he is more than my friend. He is such an understanding brother. But he has not responded to my interest yet. I was wondering are these people planning to get me in to the same business again.

Two months of nothing.. no response. Life and home was the same. No one bothered to even talkabout my job. I decided to open up again when Dad comes home.

Meanwhile it was all planned between Arjun and me. We have made the plan and we are sure that its not gonna be a miss. The plan was the final. Just that I was waiting for Dad’s response and Arjun was waiting for his brothers.

I didn’t have the guts to speak to Dad as I thought in the night. I was restless I thought my family would understand but they were just normal. Are they going to push me into the same business ? I was never sure. I was going nuts. I made up my mind to talk to my second sister in law. She is the most beautiful lady I have seen. Not that her looks attract me it’s her inner beauty. She is my second brother’s wife. She is Vaishnavi.
Varun is a short tempered guy. Never gives space for others to speak. He has his own way of telling things and that is most of the time the hurting ones.. But after Vaishnavi Anni came into our life, it has changed. Varun started becoming patient. Her love was so beautifully expressed and none failed to even stop and listen to her.

I spoke to Vaishnavi anni and asked her to enquire about the proceedings. My friend Arjun has called and told me that his Brother Neeraj has showed him a green signal. Its only my set of people who are still dragging. After 2 days Vaishanavi anni came back to me with a long face. She told me that she has already tried speaking to Varun and my dad. And both are still having a deep thought in investing in a new business. And I would need 6 crores from their end and rest 12 crores are provided from the client. It’s a 18 crore project.

Another two weeks passed and mom came to me. She gave me ten thousand rupees and asked me to get something for myself for my birthday and she said that she is planning to celebrate this as a grand party. I did object but she asked me to talk to dad and my brothers as it was their plan. And they nodded a big NO to cancel the party but asked me to invite all my friends.

It was my b’day and they did call their friends too. The whole house was crowded. I didn’t call any one from my end. Not even Arjun. But was surprised to see a 15Kg cake placed in front of me. Dad beckoned me to come to the table and I was stunned to see a huge crowd. Most of them were my brother’s or my Dad’s business friends. But the most unexpected Guests came in and that was the shock.. it was Arjun and his family.

While I was wondering about their visit as I never called them to my birthday. Dad announced Arjun as my business partner and provided me a cheque worth 5 crores,……… the mostunexpected and unimagined incident.. My family had accepted my business ideas and more over they gave me money to start my business. And Dad had announced that Arjun will be my 50 – 50 business partner as well in the new software company… And the name was also selected by my family CARE CARDS.

MY 2rd birthday was the best in my life. All was unexpected and unimagined incidents but was the happiest moments. I knew my parents and my brothers. But my sis in laws were there to shower me love .. Which was more than what any one would want. I knew I Was blessed. Arjun didn’t even have any money to give but he took a loan on his name and that was also invested in our new company. I didn’t want his money but his ideas and his hard work did help. Though I had invested more than 90% of the money yet neither my family nor I saw or treated Arjun indifferently. He did his best and in next two years he was able to invest a good amount of money in the business as well. We had closed all the loans. The company’s building was ours and everything was ours. We didn’t have to depend on any one that time. We were proud to prove ourselves that our idea and goal was not wrong and both our families accepted that.

Soon we even came up with the plan to start a branch in Bangalore. The second branch ever. And the whole idea was that I would take up the Bangalore branch and Arjun would handle the Chennai branch. In another 6 months our new venture was done and we did as we wanted. I travelled up and down from Chennai to Bangalore every fortnight. And my parents decided it was high time to get me married. When they approached me for marriage I didn’t have anything to say. I knew whatever they did was to the best and they can never go wrong.

But learnt that like how fate plays in everyone’s life, It took my life as Granted too.. Suja Dhanasheker. The fate and destiny knew whom I should marry.. The first girl who screwed my happiness, life and my smile in less than a year…… Suja – an example how a girl SHOULDN’T be ……… The disaster, the storm, a female demon that not only spoilt her life but even mine… I know Iam getting emotional but the loss she created was innumerous…….

Memories will continue.

Episode 5

Tarun was standing on the balcony sipping his cup of coffee. It was acold weather and it after 6 years he is again returning back to Germany. Last visit was with Tara and now all alone but on a business trip.
He tried hard to send Arjun, his business partner on business visit but Arjun failed to do so. And Tarun was forced to come to Germany again.
The cool breeze made him shiver a bit. He walked back to his room and picked up his brown sweater. It was hand made by his sweet heart. The brown wool with white combination looked great on Tarun. She made it all by herself. She gifted that to him with so much of love and passion and made him wear them when they were in Hyderabad. Now it’s only the sweater is left out but not she. As he gazed at the glittering stars, it reminded about Tara’s beautiful eyes. He envied her white eyes and the brown eyeballs where added so much beauty to her.
Tarun couldn’t take it any longer. The emptiness without Tara was like hell. He wanted to get her back. “How wonderful was her beautiful lips when she smiled, why did you leaving me alone,” thought Tarun and threw the coffee cup down. He saw the cup breaking and shattered into pieces. Tarun picked up his wallet from the table and saw Tara’s picture. He was cried aloud cursing himself for losing her. He knew it was his mistake. But as a man, he was not ready to take the complete blame on himself and he screamed “why didn’t you gimme some time to explain Tara? You screwed my life….”
Tarun sank back to his thoughts thinking where he first met Tara.


At the same time, in India, Tarun’s sister in laws Vanitha and Vaishnavi picked up the diary from Tarun’s room. Vanitha dialed to Arun, “ennaga, could you come home soon? And it’s an important thing that we would like to share with you. Its about Tarun….” Before Vanitha could finish, Arun spoke up, “anything serious..?” “
“yes..pls we want you here while we talk about him……….”
“should I bring Varun as well or its only Iam required?”,
“Please get Varun as well if possible..”.
“Ok, Vani ma will be there by 4Pm.”

It was 3 pm. And Vanitha was walking up and down the corridor. Vaishnavi’s eyes were fixed on Tarun’s bag. Varun came inside and saw Vanitha and “what’s it anni, you want us to come home so soon. Its not even the weekend. Any problem? Did you tell that to appa?”

Vaishnavi saw Varun and she got up from the sofa. She handed over the diary to him and Varun gazed at the front page and the photos. “Anni, not here anni.. please get ready and come down please we shall go to our Nilangarai Guest house.” Saying this Varun walked into the bedroom.

It was already 6pm, all 4 were seated in the guest house hall. Arun opened the first page of the diary and it was all handwritten by his youngest bro…. Tharun..
Arun started reading them aloud,……………………..

Memories will continue….!!! 

Episode 4

Episode 4

“Can I ask you something?” Shanthi started as Shanker looked at her.

"It’s just a small suggestion from my end. Could we change Tarun’s room? He is staying in the same room since Suja left. And I am sure that the loneliness has already creped into his life. He is not showing that out. What if we ask Arun to speak to him and ask about remodeling or changing his room to a different place?” Shanthi ended. She looked at her husband for an answer.

Shankar got up from the sofa and came next to her. He put his hands on her shoulder and patted her. “May be this is why mothers think differently that fathers, huh?

I wanted to change his life and his loneliness. All I could do was establish a business. But to my mind I never thought that he is burning with fire inside and his desires are burnt? How did I forget that my son needs a change from one major disaster in his life….? Thank you shanthi you really reminded me of what I should work and action on first. I will start the work immediately. I assure you that the room will be ready before Tarun returns back from his Germany trip a month later”.

Shankar left the place and there was a little peace in Shanthi’s face.

The construction work was organized and the new room was built with full speed. The room was located close to the garden and the swimming pool. The room had two entrances and one which leads to the pool and to the garden. The room was decorated well.

A double cot bed with a soft fluffy mattress. The walls and ceilings were with florescent stickers and that gave a nice bright view during the night times. The room was decorated with lights and lamps. There were all time flowers in the balcony. There was a tea poy, a study table and a sofa set. There was a bean bag, contrasting curtains and what not...

All was oraganised by a well experienced interior designer. Soon Vaishnavi and Vanitha started moving the things from Tarun’s old room to the new one. They started arranging his things while a dairy and a file was found from a small airbag.

Vanitha opened the bag and saw few pictures of Tarun taken some time back which she was sure that would be atleast4 – 5 years old. Tarun looked different in those pics... a bubbly cheerful guy and completely another guy who was not like what he is now.

Soon few more photos caught Vanitha’s eye where there were taken when he was in at most intimacy with another lady. His hands were on her shoulder, he was hugging her. Another photo said that they were too close… as she wonder who that lady was Vaishnavi found the stamped document from the bag. The document was stamped by the court ……. A copy of Accepted and approved divorce document between Tarun and Suja……..

Tears rolled from Vaishnavi’s eyes... without knowing that Tarun did not lose his wife through a divorce but also lost the gal in the pic as well for ever……….!

Memories will continue……..

Episode 3

Tara thought for a moment. She was disturbed and she was back to the present state.. before she could realise where she is .. and what is she doing, she leaped to pick up the phone.

It was not that she was expecting a call from some one special, but, she would like to ensure that even the slightest sound shouldnot wake up her sleeping kid, Aadhya.

Tara picked up the call. She knew that call was from, " hello", ..." Hello ma.. Seetha amma here.. How are you child.. ?"

Tara was melted on hearing the lovable affectionate voice, it was her Mother in Law.

" huh, amma, how are you? How is appa ? Iam doing well..".
She waited for her MIL (mother in law) to speak. Seetha," Wish you a very happy birthday ma. Iam sorry to call you at this hour. Iam sure you would have been tired after friday's work.." .

Tara replied back " Thank you very much Amma. Not at all. I am already awake and having my morning coffee. So how is Appa? Any good news from Reetha's end?".

Seetha confirmed Tara, " Appa is fine. As usual he is with his morning walks. And nothing as yet from Reetha and Arjun's end. May be they are just pushing is over for some more years. Now a days these things has become so common.. like bearing a baby after 6 - 7 years of married life. Hmm.. anyways.. I wanted to ask you, what are the kids doing and where is Neeru?"

"Neeraj and Arya had left home at 6am to play Badminton. Aadhya is still on her bed.. I could hear some one at the door, one min Amma...."

Tara peeped outside the window and saw her husband and her son coming in. She called out.. " Neeru, Amma is on the Phone.."

Seetha could hear Arya's voice .......... Seetha patti.

Neeru came and picked up the call.. "hello amma. .. " and he started talking.

Tara went downstairs to prepare some coffee for Neeru and she saw Arya running towards him," Amma, happy birthday, amma bend down amma..." and he pressed a kiss on her cheek and handed over a small cover.

Tara's eyes twinkled and with a tear she replied Thank you to her Son with a big smile and opened the cover.

"Amma, not now.. open that after I leave. And one more thing, open that only after you see Appa's gift for you".. saying this he ran away.

She smiled and was wondering if at all Neeru remembered that it was her b'day as he never even wished her until now. And that there were traces of even slightest rememberance on his face.. yet.. she was happy to hear " appa's gift" from her son.

She now went to the Kitchen. Prepared coffee for Neeru and some milk for the kids. As she passed through the dining table she glanced at the small box, wrapped with with a red gift cover and a card on that read "To my dearest Honey.. ".

Tara opened the box and found a Emerald studded necklace, with ear studs and bracelet. It was just amazing and marvellous. Her eyes were flooded with tears while she started opening her sons gift.

That was packed inside a cover. He had made a small card using his stationery items and with his own words described how much he loves her... and most of all there was one $10 note... . Tara looked at that money and fliped the cover on the other side and saw a note " Iam sorry amma.. didnt know what to buy with the money I had saved for you.. so the choice is yours .. buy something for yourself"...

Tara was sure that this endless love from her family is all that she wanted and walked with the tray to meet her kids and hubby.............


Neeraj looked at Tara. She could feel the love from his eyes. She gazed at him as he gave her a hug and then picked up the coffee.

By then Aadhya was out of her bed and came running to her .."Amma happy b'day" .. What else a mom needs? Lovely kids. A loving family!! Happiness had no bounds.............. until Neeraj started with, " Honey.. I need to talk to you .. Something.. huh.. that.. that..... hmm.. Iam not sure.. how to. hmm,.. ". Tara looked at Neeru as he stammered... " Iam sorry baby, I promised Amma that I will bring you home.. to India.. to Poonampalayam....."

Tears rushed from Tara's eyes.. this time not with love and happiness but.. a shock and a betrayal of a broken promise......

Memories will continue.....................

Buried Memories Episode 2

Episode 2

There was a cool breeze that made the curtains sway .. Tara woke up and checked the clock. It was 7.05Am. She saw Aadhya fast asleep next to her, closely hugging her favourite doll.

Tara got out of the bed slowly ensuring that she doesnt disturb her daughter from her sleep. Tara prepared coffee for herself and then moved to the balcony and sat on the swing. The cool breeze and watched the green view outside and she saw people walking on the foot path. It was not a busy morning and more over it was saturday. She was sure that Neeraj and her son Arya would have gone to play Badminton in the nearby ground and they are not expected to returnback until its 9am.

She sipped her coffee slowly enjoying the climate and she was just recollecting how Newyork was when she had been here for the first time 6 years back. Everything has changed. They have changed two houses. And the kids are grown and so many changes in her life...... and with a deep sigh she knew that time ran away very fast.

She never imagined such a life with Neeraj and her two kids now here in Newyork. She is now the Financial Advisor for a firm and her kids are studying in the 1st grade. Hence Tara managedto work from home as well as and when the kids need more attention. Neeraj, a project manager of a software concern in Newyork was always busy at work. But, always matched Tara in helping her to do all household work as well manage things outside home as well.

Tara was born in a small town near Trichy, Tamilnadu. She lived with her Dad, mom and brother as a small family. Her dad was a business man and her mom was a perfect house wife. Everything was just the same way how a loving small family would be until the horrible day .. when she lost her family in an accident.

She got all the property and the compensation in return of their death and was then moved to her Grandmom place. She was pampered and loved by all till her Grandmom was alive. After her death, her mama and mami (uncle and aunty) torchured Tara and tried to take all the money from her. Tara was clever enough to find her way out from that house and came to Chennai with her family friend. She studied and excelled well .. She was then a Chartered Accountant.

She was 24 yrs when she moved to Hyderabad and got placed in the payroll section in a 5 star Hotel. She worked there for 6 months and lived with lonliness in a small appartment. Her whole world revolved between two things.. work and home and there was none she really had to talk to or be with.

It was on a Monday afternoon her boss Vijay called her to his cabin. Tara entered the cabin and saw another man being seated with her boss. Vijay got Tara introduced to the stranger and told Tara that he is Vijay's child hood friend and his name is Tarun..................

The phone bell rang......!!

Memories will continue….!!! 

Buried Memories Episode 1

Episode 1

“Its already 11 am now and I see that you have not made any attempt to prepare anything for the meeting yet. You know pretty well how crucial this meeting is and how much it matters….”, Shankar went on to my youngest son Tarun.

That didn’t matter Tarun at all. He was busy with the cricket match and was very much involved in it. Tarun runs a software company and he is always involved in business. He never had the slightest interest in anything other than business and cricket. And when it comes to a point to choose between cricket or business it becomes difficult for him.. Poor guy.. !!

“I have already made all the presentations ready. I had given that to Arun and Varun has also checked the same. You can proceed further. If you have any doubts then please clarify that with me before you leave to the meeting today.. Am gonna be at home all the day”, Tarun gave back to Shankar.

Tarun is always asked to prepare presentation when Shankar goes on a business meeting. Tarun is from the software technical end and his presentations are just the best to project in any business meetings. He takes extra care to ensure everything is perfect before he hands over the final output. And never it has been reported as a flaw or for any missing information so far. So Shankar makes sure that Tarun does it all before the dead line arrives.

Shankar is an industrialist and he runs a garment and leather factory. His wife Shanthi is a home maker. She is just the perfect match to Shankar by all means in taking care of home as well his business tensions too. Shankar and Shanthi are blessed with three sons – Arun, Varun and Tarun.

Arun takes care of the Garments business and Varun handles the leather factory. They are too good at their own business… But, they are completely different from what Tarun is… They are business oriented and more over they have a great respect towards Shankar and treat him not only as a father but as a guru too. These characters don’t apply towards Tarun. 

Tarun was brought up with all the luxury in his life. He was sent abroad for his studies and he is a different person all together. He wanted a business of his own interest and everything to his liking. 

He is a tall guy with cat eyes. He has a fair complexion which his brothers lack. He is extraordinarily brilliant and his views are just the top class and number one. His dimples on his face and the smile for every single thing add more to his looks and handsomeness. He is not a chatterbox, but a calm guy with few close friends who are almost like him. He has his own way of living.. almost different from each and everything that his brothers hold. He is a guy of luxury, fun, never tiring attitude. He was never questioned by anyone as his views are considered to be the best.

These qualities are with Shankar’s other two sons as well but.. the entire family looked Tarun in a different way. Shanthi is equally good to all the three sons but when it comes to her youngest son she doesn’t compromise on anything. Both the daughter – in – laws of the family too know the differences and they were ready to take everything positive.

Shankar’s family is not only a sweet and fun loving family but.. they are also known for their unity. Shanthi passes all these credits to her daughter-in-laws Vanitha and Vaishnavi for their understanding ability to run the family in a hassle free manner. 

Tarun in his own way appreciated the family the way it was… and he was loved by all. Everything was fine in the family and business until Tarun met Tara…

Memories will continue….!!!