Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 5

Tarun was standing on the balcony sipping his cup of coffee. It was acold weather and it after 6 years he is again returning back to Germany. Last visit was with Tara and now all alone but on a business trip.
He tried hard to send Arjun, his business partner on business visit but Arjun failed to do so. And Tarun was forced to come to Germany again.
The cool breeze made him shiver a bit. He walked back to his room and picked up his brown sweater. It was hand made by his sweet heart. The brown wool with white combination looked great on Tarun. She made it all by herself. She gifted that to him with so much of love and passion and made him wear them when they were in Hyderabad. Now it’s only the sweater is left out but not she. As he gazed at the glittering stars, it reminded about Tara’s beautiful eyes. He envied her white eyes and the brown eyeballs where added so much beauty to her.
Tarun couldn’t take it any longer. The emptiness without Tara was like hell. He wanted to get her back. “How wonderful was her beautiful lips when she smiled, why did you leaving me alone,” thought Tarun and threw the coffee cup down. He saw the cup breaking and shattered into pieces. Tarun picked up his wallet from the table and saw Tara’s picture. He was cried aloud cursing himself for losing her. He knew it was his mistake. But as a man, he was not ready to take the complete blame on himself and he screamed “why didn’t you gimme some time to explain Tara? You screwed my life….”
Tarun sank back to his thoughts thinking where he first met Tara.


At the same time, in India, Tarun’s sister in laws Vanitha and Vaishnavi picked up the diary from Tarun’s room. Vanitha dialed to Arun, “ennaga, could you come home soon? And it’s an important thing that we would like to share with you. Its about Tarun….” Before Vanitha could finish, Arun spoke up, “anything serious..?” “
“yes..pls we want you here while we talk about him……….”
“should I bring Varun as well or its only Iam required?”,
“Please get Varun as well if possible..”.
“Ok, Vani ma will be there by 4Pm.”

It was 3 pm. And Vanitha was walking up and down the corridor. Vaishnavi’s eyes were fixed on Tarun’s bag. Varun came inside and saw Vanitha and “what’s it anni, you want us to come home so soon. Its not even the weekend. Any problem? Did you tell that to appa?”

Vaishnavi saw Varun and she got up from the sofa. She handed over the diary to him and Varun gazed at the front page and the photos. “Anni, not here anni.. please get ready and come down please we shall go to our Nilangarai Guest house.” Saying this Varun walked into the bedroom.

It was already 6pm, all 4 were seated in the guest house hall. Arun opened the first page of the diary and it was all handwritten by his youngest bro…. Tharun..
Arun started reading them aloud,……………………..

Memories will continue….!!! 

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