Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 4

Episode 4

“Can I ask you something?” Shanthi started as Shanker looked at her.

"It’s just a small suggestion from my end. Could we change Tarun’s room? He is staying in the same room since Suja left. And I am sure that the loneliness has already creped into his life. He is not showing that out. What if we ask Arun to speak to him and ask about remodeling or changing his room to a different place?” Shanthi ended. She looked at her husband for an answer.

Shankar got up from the sofa and came next to her. He put his hands on her shoulder and patted her. “May be this is why mothers think differently that fathers, huh?

I wanted to change his life and his loneliness. All I could do was establish a business. But to my mind I never thought that he is burning with fire inside and his desires are burnt? How did I forget that my son needs a change from one major disaster in his life….? Thank you shanthi you really reminded me of what I should work and action on first. I will start the work immediately. I assure you that the room will be ready before Tarun returns back from his Germany trip a month later”.

Shankar left the place and there was a little peace in Shanthi’s face.

The construction work was organized and the new room was built with full speed. The room was located close to the garden and the swimming pool. The room had two entrances and one which leads to the pool and to the garden. The room was decorated well.

A double cot bed with a soft fluffy mattress. The walls and ceilings were with florescent stickers and that gave a nice bright view during the night times. The room was decorated with lights and lamps. There were all time flowers in the balcony. There was a tea poy, a study table and a sofa set. There was a bean bag, contrasting curtains and what not...

All was oraganised by a well experienced interior designer. Soon Vaishnavi and Vanitha started moving the things from Tarun’s old room to the new one. They started arranging his things while a dairy and a file was found from a small airbag.

Vanitha opened the bag and saw few pictures of Tarun taken some time back which she was sure that would be atleast4 – 5 years old. Tarun looked different in those pics... a bubbly cheerful guy and completely another guy who was not like what he is now.

Soon few more photos caught Vanitha’s eye where there were taken when he was in at most intimacy with another lady. His hands were on her shoulder, he was hugging her. Another photo said that they were too close… as she wonder who that lady was Vaishnavi found the stamped document from the bag. The document was stamped by the court ……. A copy of Accepted and approved divorce document between Tarun and Suja……..

Tears rolled from Vaishnavi’s eyes... without knowing that Tarun did not lose his wife through a divorce but also lost the gal in the pic as well for ever……….!

Memories will continue……..

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