Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Buried Memories Episode 2

Episode 2

There was a cool breeze that made the curtains sway .. Tara woke up and checked the clock. It was 7.05Am. She saw Aadhya fast asleep next to her, closely hugging her favourite doll.

Tara got out of the bed slowly ensuring that she doesnt disturb her daughter from her sleep. Tara prepared coffee for herself and then moved to the balcony and sat on the swing. The cool breeze and watched the green view outside and she saw people walking on the foot path. It was not a busy morning and more over it was saturday. She was sure that Neeraj and her son Arya would have gone to play Badminton in the nearby ground and they are not expected to returnback until its 9am.

She sipped her coffee slowly enjoying the climate and she was just recollecting how Newyork was when she had been here for the first time 6 years back. Everything has changed. They have changed two houses. And the kids are grown and so many changes in her life...... and with a deep sigh she knew that time ran away very fast.

She never imagined such a life with Neeraj and her two kids now here in Newyork. She is now the Financial Advisor for a firm and her kids are studying in the 1st grade. Hence Tara managedto work from home as well as and when the kids need more attention. Neeraj, a project manager of a software concern in Newyork was always busy at work. But, always matched Tara in helping her to do all household work as well manage things outside home as well.

Tara was born in a small town near Trichy, Tamilnadu. She lived with her Dad, mom and brother as a small family. Her dad was a business man and her mom was a perfect house wife. Everything was just the same way how a loving small family would be until the horrible day .. when she lost her family in an accident.

She got all the property and the compensation in return of their death and was then moved to her Grandmom place. She was pampered and loved by all till her Grandmom was alive. After her death, her mama and mami (uncle and aunty) torchured Tara and tried to take all the money from her. Tara was clever enough to find her way out from that house and came to Chennai with her family friend. She studied and excelled well .. She was then a Chartered Accountant.

She was 24 yrs when she moved to Hyderabad and got placed in the payroll section in a 5 star Hotel. She worked there for 6 months and lived with lonliness in a small appartment. Her whole world revolved between two things.. work and home and there was none she really had to talk to or be with.

It was on a Monday afternoon her boss Vijay called her to his cabin. Tara entered the cabin and saw another man being seated with her boss. Vijay got Tara introduced to the stranger and told Tara that he is Vijay's child hood friend and his name is Tarun..................

The phone bell rang......!!

Memories will continue….!!! 

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