Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Buried Memories Episode 1

Episode 1

“Its already 11 am now and I see that you have not made any attempt to prepare anything for the meeting yet. You know pretty well how crucial this meeting is and how much it matters….”, Shankar went on to my youngest son Tarun.

That didn’t matter Tarun at all. He was busy with the cricket match and was very much involved in it. Tarun runs a software company and he is always involved in business. He never had the slightest interest in anything other than business and cricket. And when it comes to a point to choose between cricket or business it becomes difficult for him.. Poor guy.. !!

“I have already made all the presentations ready. I had given that to Arun and Varun has also checked the same. You can proceed further. If you have any doubts then please clarify that with me before you leave to the meeting today.. Am gonna be at home all the day”, Tarun gave back to Shankar.

Tarun is always asked to prepare presentation when Shankar goes on a business meeting. Tarun is from the software technical end and his presentations are just the best to project in any business meetings. He takes extra care to ensure everything is perfect before he hands over the final output. And never it has been reported as a flaw or for any missing information so far. So Shankar makes sure that Tarun does it all before the dead line arrives.

Shankar is an industrialist and he runs a garment and leather factory. His wife Shanthi is a home maker. She is just the perfect match to Shankar by all means in taking care of home as well his business tensions too. Shankar and Shanthi are blessed with three sons – Arun, Varun and Tarun.

Arun takes care of the Garments business and Varun handles the leather factory. They are too good at their own business… But, they are completely different from what Tarun is… They are business oriented and more over they have a great respect towards Shankar and treat him not only as a father but as a guru too. These characters don’t apply towards Tarun. 

Tarun was brought up with all the luxury in his life. He was sent abroad for his studies and he is a different person all together. He wanted a business of his own interest and everything to his liking. 

He is a tall guy with cat eyes. He has a fair complexion which his brothers lack. He is extraordinarily brilliant and his views are just the top class and number one. His dimples on his face and the smile for every single thing add more to his looks and handsomeness. He is not a chatterbox, but a calm guy with few close friends who are almost like him. He has his own way of living.. almost different from each and everything that his brothers hold. He is a guy of luxury, fun, never tiring attitude. He was never questioned by anyone as his views are considered to be the best.

These qualities are with Shankar’s other two sons as well but.. the entire family looked Tarun in a different way. Shanthi is equally good to all the three sons but when it comes to her youngest son she doesn’t compromise on anything. Both the daughter – in – laws of the family too know the differences and they were ready to take everything positive.

Shankar’s family is not only a sweet and fun loving family but.. they are also known for their unity. Shanthi passes all these credits to her daughter-in-laws Vanitha and Vaishnavi for their understanding ability to run the family in a hassle free manner. 

Tarun in his own way appreciated the family the way it was… and he was loved by all. Everything was fine in the family and business until Tarun met Tara…

Memories will continue….!!! 

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