Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 3

Tara thought for a moment. She was disturbed and she was back to the present state.. before she could realise where she is .. and what is she doing, she leaped to pick up the phone.

It was not that she was expecting a call from some one special, but, she would like to ensure that even the slightest sound shouldnot wake up her sleeping kid, Aadhya.

Tara picked up the call. She knew that call was from, " hello", ..." Hello ma.. Seetha amma here.. How are you child.. ?"

Tara was melted on hearing the lovable affectionate voice, it was her Mother in Law.

" huh, amma, how are you? How is appa ? Iam doing well..".
She waited for her MIL (mother in law) to speak. Seetha," Wish you a very happy birthday ma. Iam sorry to call you at this hour. Iam sure you would have been tired after friday's work.." .

Tara replied back " Thank you very much Amma. Not at all. I am already awake and having my morning coffee. So how is Appa? Any good news from Reetha's end?".

Seetha confirmed Tara, " Appa is fine. As usual he is with his morning walks. And nothing as yet from Reetha and Arjun's end. May be they are just pushing is over for some more years. Now a days these things has become so common.. like bearing a baby after 6 - 7 years of married life. Hmm.. anyways.. I wanted to ask you, what are the kids doing and where is Neeru?"

"Neeraj and Arya had left home at 6am to play Badminton. Aadhya is still on her bed.. I could hear some one at the door, one min Amma...."

Tara peeped outside the window and saw her husband and her son coming in. She called out.. " Neeru, Amma is on the Phone.."

Seetha could hear Arya's voice .......... Seetha patti.

Neeru came and picked up the call.. "hello amma. .. " and he started talking.

Tara went downstairs to prepare some coffee for Neeru and she saw Arya running towards him," Amma, happy birthday, amma bend down amma..." and he pressed a kiss on her cheek and handed over a small cover.

Tara's eyes twinkled and with a tear she replied Thank you to her Son with a big smile and opened the cover.

"Amma, not now.. open that after I leave. And one more thing, open that only after you see Appa's gift for you".. saying this he ran away.

She smiled and was wondering if at all Neeru remembered that it was her b'day as he never even wished her until now. And that there were traces of even slightest rememberance on his face.. yet.. she was happy to hear " appa's gift" from her son.

She now went to the Kitchen. Prepared coffee for Neeru and some milk for the kids. As she passed through the dining table she glanced at the small box, wrapped with with a red gift cover and a card on that read "To my dearest Honey.. ".

Tara opened the box and found a Emerald studded necklace, with ear studs and bracelet. It was just amazing and marvellous. Her eyes were flooded with tears while she started opening her sons gift.

That was packed inside a cover. He had made a small card using his stationery items and with his own words described how much he loves her... and most of all there was one $10 note... . Tara looked at that money and fliped the cover on the other side and saw a note " Iam sorry amma.. didnt know what to buy with the money I had saved for you.. so the choice is yours .. buy something for yourself"...

Tara was sure that this endless love from her family is all that she wanted and walked with the tray to meet her kids and hubby.............


Neeraj looked at Tara. She could feel the love from his eyes. She gazed at him as he gave her a hug and then picked up the coffee.

By then Aadhya was out of her bed and came running to her .."Amma happy b'day" .. What else a mom needs? Lovely kids. A loving family!! Happiness had no bounds.............. until Neeraj started with, " Honey.. I need to talk to you .. Something.. huh.. that.. that..... hmm.. Iam not sure.. how to. hmm,.. ". Tara looked at Neeru as he stammered... " Iam sorry baby, I promised Amma that I will bring you home.. to India.. to Poonampalayam....."

Tears rushed from Tara's eyes.. this time not with love and happiness but.. a shock and a betrayal of a broken promise......

Memories will continue.....................

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