Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Episode 6

“Hello Diary,
I am not able to bear this pain. I have lost Tara. She didn’t have the patience to even speak to me to know what happened. She didn’t even give me space to explain her. It’s not my mistake. I cannot share this with anyone for everyone who listens to my life will think I made a mistake and I betrayed Tara.
I didn’t do so. I never intended to do so as well. I wanted a right time to tell her everything about Suja and get her home. I was sure that she believed me and everything was going well, I still don’t know the reason why she left me. I didn’t do intentionally…

I was 22 years old when I returned back from US, California after my MS and I wanted to start my own business. Dad’s ideas were to get me into garments or leather industry. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted a life of my own. I was sure about my family. My brothers and mom will never object. In fact they will assist me but convincing my dad will be a tough job.

It was more than a week since I started this topic of starting a new business to Dad. But he didn’t respond. So were my brothers. Arun was very close to me. He is older than me for 6 years but he is more than my friend. He is such an understanding brother. But he has not responded to my interest yet. I was wondering are these people planning to get me in to the same business again.

Two months of nothing.. no response. Life and home was the same. No one bothered to even talkabout my job. I decided to open up again when Dad comes home.

Meanwhile it was all planned between Arjun and me. We have made the plan and we are sure that its not gonna be a miss. The plan was the final. Just that I was waiting for Dad’s response and Arjun was waiting for his brothers.

I didn’t have the guts to speak to Dad as I thought in the night. I was restless I thought my family would understand but they were just normal. Are they going to push me into the same business ? I was never sure. I was going nuts. I made up my mind to talk to my second sister in law. She is the most beautiful lady I have seen. Not that her looks attract me it’s her inner beauty. She is my second brother’s wife. She is Vaishnavi.
Varun is a short tempered guy. Never gives space for others to speak. He has his own way of telling things and that is most of the time the hurting ones.. But after Vaishnavi Anni came into our life, it has changed. Varun started becoming patient. Her love was so beautifully expressed and none failed to even stop and listen to her.

I spoke to Vaishnavi anni and asked her to enquire about the proceedings. My friend Arjun has called and told me that his Brother Neeraj has showed him a green signal. Its only my set of people who are still dragging. After 2 days Vaishanavi anni came back to me with a long face. She told me that she has already tried speaking to Varun and my dad. And both are still having a deep thought in investing in a new business. And I would need 6 crores from their end and rest 12 crores are provided from the client. It’s a 18 crore project.

Another two weeks passed and mom came to me. She gave me ten thousand rupees and asked me to get something for myself for my birthday and she said that she is planning to celebrate this as a grand party. I did object but she asked me to talk to dad and my brothers as it was their plan. And they nodded a big NO to cancel the party but asked me to invite all my friends.

It was my b’day and they did call their friends too. The whole house was crowded. I didn’t call any one from my end. Not even Arjun. But was surprised to see a 15Kg cake placed in front of me. Dad beckoned me to come to the table and I was stunned to see a huge crowd. Most of them were my brother’s or my Dad’s business friends. But the most unexpected Guests came in and that was the shock.. it was Arjun and his family.

While I was wondering about their visit as I never called them to my birthday. Dad announced Arjun as my business partner and provided me a cheque worth 5 crores,……… the mostunexpected and unimagined incident.. My family had accepted my business ideas and more over they gave me money to start my business. And Dad had announced that Arjun will be my 50 – 50 business partner as well in the new software company… And the name was also selected by my family CARE CARDS.

MY 2rd birthday was the best in my life. All was unexpected and unimagined incidents but was the happiest moments. I knew my parents and my brothers. But my sis in laws were there to shower me love .. Which was more than what any one would want. I knew I Was blessed. Arjun didn’t even have any money to give but he took a loan on his name and that was also invested in our new company. I didn’t want his money but his ideas and his hard work did help. Though I had invested more than 90% of the money yet neither my family nor I saw or treated Arjun indifferently. He did his best and in next two years he was able to invest a good amount of money in the business as well. We had closed all the loans. The company’s building was ours and everything was ours. We didn’t have to depend on any one that time. We were proud to prove ourselves that our idea and goal was not wrong and both our families accepted that.

Soon we even came up with the plan to start a branch in Bangalore. The second branch ever. And the whole idea was that I would take up the Bangalore branch and Arjun would handle the Chennai branch. In another 6 months our new venture was done and we did as we wanted. I travelled up and down from Chennai to Bangalore every fortnight. And my parents decided it was high time to get me married. When they approached me for marriage I didn’t have anything to say. I knew whatever they did was to the best and they can never go wrong.

But learnt that like how fate plays in everyone’s life, It took my life as Granted too.. Suja Dhanasheker. The fate and destiny knew whom I should marry.. The first girl who screwed my happiness, life and my smile in less than a year…… Suja – an example how a girl SHOULDN’T be ……… The disaster, the storm, a female demon that not only spoilt her life but even mine… I know Iam getting emotional but the loss she created was innumerous…….

Memories will continue.

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