Monday, September 5, 2011

Episode 13

Buried Memories - 13

Vanitha repeated to Vaishnavi, “ I saw the girl. She is Tara and our Tarun has a kid”. Vaishu didn’t not reply as she was struck with shock and Shanthi was just blunt. This was when Vanitha noticed her mother in law and immediately told her…” O amma.. I dreamt as if our Tarun is getting married to a lady Tara and they are blessed with a kid. I just ran out of the room with an excitement….”.

Vaishu replied, “  I wish the same akka, for your dream to come true. They say that what ever you dream in the early morning will come true………” and before she completed the sentence it was Shanthi..”  O please girls, lets not start early in the morning. I wish the same happens soon for my Tarun…”.  Vaishnu and Vanitha gazed at their mother in law who wiped her tears and walked out of the kitchen.

As Vaishu picked up the topic..Vanitha snapped in..” I am sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Its my fault. But Vaishu, please read the diary dear. Our Tarun is  not the kid as we think. He has moved the coins so well in his life and there was a slightest miss and we lost Tara..” .

“Enough Akka, don’t utter a word. We should be more careful. Yeah, today you will take the kids to the classes and bring them back while I am going to sit in the nearest park with the diary…, what do you say?”…..” As you say madam…..” with a smile Vanitha left the kitchen with two cups of coffee for Arun and her.


On the other side of the world……… (In Hyderabad)…..
“ So Vijay.. good morning.. thanks for this coffee…”, Tarun thanked Vijay for the coffee.

Tarun has travelled back from Germany and moved to Hyderabad and was speaking to his friend Vijay. “ As said earlier, all I needed was Abirami’s consent. And now everything is clear from both the sides. I will speak to my parents and immediately call for an engagement. By the way.. Did I force you all on this?”

“No, Not at all.. who will come forward to give this kind of a life to my sister Tarun? I am glad and happy that you are my friend. I am grateful and thankful for this one. Abi lost her husband just 2 weeks after she got married in a flight accident. After she got over the sadness, all I could see was the involvement in business and she is quite happy about her life. I was initially worried how things would go when you spoke to me about this marriage.. but, she was happy to agree after mom and I spoke to her. I am sure, unlike others she will be able to keep you happy.”

With a small smile Tarun sipped his coffee and was getting mentally prepared to talk to his parents about Abirami, Vijay’s sister who is a widow. And he is sure that everything will go well.

In Newyork……….
“Finally I give in, Neeraj. I would love to come and meet your family….” Tara broke the silence in the dining table.

With a surprise, Neeraj looked at her, and asked,” what made you hesitate for so long?”

“I am sure, you would have  told about me to your family. Akil doesn’t even know who his real father is. I got pregnant before marriage. All these are not normally accepted in our culture. I know people will not welcome these things with open hearts. I felt guilty. I didn’t want to give in initially. But for the sake of our kids and their love towards their grand parents, I don’t want to restrict them….” Finished Tara.

“ So, you decide everything rite? By the way who told you that I have told about all these things to my family? And none of them are ready to accept a girl / her kid in the way you came from. Tara, that is not to hurt you. But I want to tell you that our society and culture has their own values as well. I will never break the promise that I did. I haven’t told my family or friends anything about your past. All they know was you are a divorcee and living separately with your kid. And.. that’s what every one accepted.

I am glad that atleast now you have opened your mind to talk about this. If it was your guilty feeling which has held you back.. I am sorry. I should have told this long time back that my parents are ready to welcome their son’s wife not only with open hands, its also with open hearts……. Thanks for talking about this to me.. atleast now. I just cannot wait to take you home….” With this Neeraj gave  Tara a tight hug and pressed a kiss on her forehead.
The true love and relationship doesn’t start and last only on bed . it also needs love, bonding, understanding ,sacrifice, hope, confidence and truth. Everything was filled in Tara’s life and she was ready to meet her in laws and her husband’s family now whole heartedly.

Vaishnavi picked up the diary and started reading while she was in the park.
The pages started with this:

“ I didn’t have the guts to go to another girl for anything after I saw everything  worse with Suja. But, Tara was not of that kind. She took a long time to mingle with me as a stranger and she helped me as she obeyed her boss, my friend’s words to help me in my new venture in Hyderabad. I never revealed my true identity that CARE CARDS belonged to me. I presented myself as an employee from that company and informed that I work for the venture to start a branch in Hyderabad.

After all that had happened with Suja, I didn’t want to  be in Bangalore or the home. But wanted to shift everything to Hyderabad as few of my clients  commune from here too. As slowly the days passed Tara became close to me. She cooked food for me. I stayed in Vijay’s hotel. Our frequent meets and talks made us so close. Finally I applied for my divorce. As per the law, I had to wait for that 6 months till  I completely come out of the bond. Soon our friendship blossomed into love. And this lady, spoke a lot about marriage and a family which Suja never did. I had been with her to Germany to meet one of my client. That’s where we lost ourselves physically. I didn’t regret this time as my choice was right. The only thing I was guilty was I didn’t reveal my true identity to her. And, I did that as I didn’t want to lose Tara. Atleast for the sake that I had slept with her she will be with me.

Life in Germany was too good. Every min was a honey moon and every second was just love. More than the physical needs in love, it needed mental intimacy. And we enjoyed that. I would say  I loved that moments. I wanted a girl of this kind. But why didn’t I see her 1 year back? May be that was the fate I had to go through.

Tara started talking more about marriage. She spoke a lot to meet my family. I couldn’t take her home as my papers were not completely done. I just had to wait for another 4 months.

Tara was soon diagnosed with PCOS. Her periods were irregular and she slowly started becoming diabetic. She was under medication. The only warning that the doctor gave was that its very hard for a person with PCOS to conceive and once they have done, then proper care is a must. Hearing this I was scared. I started being a bit more precautious and careful while I was with Tara.

As days passed on, I slowly started just going mad on Tara. Tara wanted to do some higher studies. She had previously enrolled for her masters which she planned to finish in one shot. She was so busy preparing for her exams and that’s when I heard a good news…… I said I will rush back to Chennai immediately.”

I left to Chennai …….

Memories will continue…………..