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Episode 8

Episode - 8

Dear Diary, 
I knew that it’s hard to take all these. But, where did I lose my senses that night. Suja wanted to have dinner outside. I took her to Leela Palace and had our dinner there. She said that she had come to Bangalore for some project in her college and she has some friends here whom she came to invite for our wedding. She said that she will be bored after I leave to work and staying at home without anyone would even bug her. She asked me permission if she could meet and go around with those friends after wedding. I didn’t see anything suspicious there. After all she is a human and she also needs her own freedom. I offered her to work in my company and come with me when I go to work. She denied. We then sat in the terrace and started talking so many things and didn’t even notice that it was already 2 am. I slowly asked her if we could retire to bed. I wasn’t getting sleep but my eyes wanted some rest.

I went to my room and I had given her the room in the 1st floor. I lay on the bed tossing and turning and I couldn’t get a spic of sleep. I know I was tired and I needed some rest. The sweetness of her voice and her attitude just made me feel so happy. I was so happy that my parents found the right partner. She was so sweet, soft and understanding. She expressed everything in a matured way and she was just so talented. As I lay thinking about her I thought of having a sip of whiskey, which by all means will put me to sleep. I had 2 – 3 pegs of whiskey and neither I was high nor sloshed. But the tiredness made me feel so. I could hear the television sound from Suja’s room and just went to see if she had slept so that I can turn the TV off. I went to her room and saw her sleeping peacefully like a kid. So peaceful her face was and she was just an angel. I kept seeing her for some time and I didn’t feel like going back to my room. I controlled myself and wanted to be genuine to myself. I turned off the TV and she woke up with a start. She was startled seeing me there. She was like… kind of confused and then asked me what I was doing there. I told her why I came in and I could see the relief on her face. She asked me if I could stay back in the room for some more time if I don’t mind as she has already woken up and might not get her sleep soon. I nodded, affirmative.

I knew that I couldn’t hold my eyes. The eyes were trying to close it. It was because of the liquor and the tiredness. Of course not my fault. I swear I didn’t even understand a word of what she was talking. But I knew that she was telling something. Though I was physically present my mental ability was off. I knew my mind and my brains need some rest. I didn’t want to interfere and tell her that I want to go and hit my bed. But I waited for some time. I knew I couldn’t withstand. I got up. I don’t even know what I told her, but walked towards the door. And got down the stairs and I felt the whole world reeling behind me, I was about to fall and I never knew what happened. 

I could feel the hot rays of sun on my face. I saw that the window was open. And that room was new to me. I didn’t even know what happened. I tried recollecting, nope, I failed. I realized that I was in her room. My god.. What was I doing there? I woke up with a shock and saw her missing. I tried running out of my room and found that I was not wearing my shirt.. Ok.. What a freak? What happened? Did I ….. My God.. No clue. I screamed her name and was running around the whole house. Dropped into each and every room I couldn’t find her. My maid walked into the hall with a tea tray. I saw her face and she looked at me like.. I don’t even know what that looks meant. I asked her.. “Raagini.. Did u see Suja ma?”

She replied back with a smile.. “Anna, she is in the lawn.” I found myself relieved and fell on the sofa. Raagini asked me if I would like to have a cup of coffee. I just nodded my head and went running to the lawn. I saw my Suja standing and gazing at something. I went and stood in front of her and found that her lovely face has shrunk. There is no liveliness in her. She looked depressed and she had a long face. I couldn’t understand anything. Did I ever do anything, if so, what? Did I misbehave with her? Did I torture my sweet one? Did I give her any pains? Did I make her cry? What happened yesterday night? I had no clue. I wanted to ask her but did not have the guts to even look into her eyes. Raagini came there with two cups of coffee. And I signaled her to leave us alone. While I was confused what to speak and what to ask Suja, she turned towards me and asked me , “ Tarun, could you drop me in the airport. I have a flight at 1pm and Iam going back home.”

I was broken down. I wanted to ask the reason; I could feel my dreams breaking down. Did I do anything wrong? Am I going to lose Suja? Why does she want to go now? O my god, my head was reeling around. Ok fine. What so ever be it. I don’t want to break my head, I just decided to ask her why…………? And developed the guts to ask.. “ Suja, what happened dear, why you want to leave? You came here stay for atleast 2 days. What happened………………………..” and before I ended my question she started shouting, “ you are asking me why am I leaving, huh? Don’t tell me Tarun that don’t even a single thing about what you did to me yesterday. I thought you were a gentlemen and I came to know that it was my fault. I did a sheer mistake of planning to stay here. And did get the reward of being raped for the sin of believing you.. you are one drunken……”

“Stop it Suja, I cannot take it any longer. First tell me what happened? Did I rape you? What were you doing? You didn’t do anything to save yourself. We have around 4 servants here at hoem and none came for your rescue. And what now? Did I say I gonna betray you? Did I cheat you? Did I leave you on the streets? What did I do Suja. I swear, I was totally floored the moment I saw you. I decided that I am going to live my full life. I will keep you happy. Please believe me. I am not a guy to betray and I don’t even know what happened.”

As I kept speaking I saw my dear ones’ eyes filled with tears. She started telling me that I forced her to sleep with me. I tore her clothes, I kissed her harshly. That my hold was so tight and she couldn’t release out of the grip. I pushed her down on the floor and climbed on her. What not.. my god.. did I do those? I was stunned. Where did that beast come from? I was not never that and I had a good stamina atleast to understand whats going around me while I am drunk. What happened to the servants and why didn’t they come when she screamed. I didn’t wanna ask anything more. I didn’t want to hurt her more. She just wanted to leave and I agreed. All I could say is I was sorry and will never leave her. I kept up to my promise until the moment Vikram came to meet me!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to leave her in the airport. She didn’t even speak a single word. I kept talking to her and all I could see was her beautiful face being swollen and filled with tears. Fine, I had told her what I had to. Rest was in her hands. I dropped her in the airport. Saw her leave and I walked away. I got into my car and I got call from the Van Heusen show room asking me to go and select my wedding suit. I just drove to Garuda Mall. Yesterday evening we had been there and spent atleast 2 hrs there. Today Suja had left me.. That was the thought. I walked into showroom and I saw the showroom manager who came and greeted me. We had already selected few clothes for me and just that I wanted to go there again to select the matching suit for my gals wedding sareee. We wanted to do that together. Never did I think I would be alone at that moment. I told the manager that I would return back in a week and order my clothes and was not in a mood to even stand there. I walked to the coffee day there and took a seat. I ordered for one cappuccino and sat there waiting for the order to be delivered. Just that I saw the showroom manager walking up to me. He asked me if I was free and he said he wanted to talk something to me. I just got up and gave my card and asked him to come and meet me in the evening or tomorrow after making a call. 

He did leave and I got my coffee and I returned back home. Around 6 pm I got a call from Suja. She spoke softly. “Tarun, baby I am sorry. I didn’t intent to hurt you. But, I never expected that from you. Sorry. I know what you did to me. And I am sure that you would never betray me either… but…….” I stopped her, “ Suja .. Stop them. I am happy that you called me…. I am sorry. I am really sorry. I wanted to have you as mine physically and mentally after our wedding, but that liquor, I am sory for the pain that I gave you yesterday.” She replied back, “ its ok dear. Though it was painful, I knew it was you, and I don’t deny for what you have done. But if you wanted me you should have told me that……… rite? Shall I ask you something? I want you to be here tonight with me in Hotel Taj. I am booking the room and would you………..?” I began, “ yes, I will be there before 11pm.”

I regained my strength. My god what is happening, my would-be is inviting me for sex before our wedding and I said yes.. Whats there? She is mine already. And I am going to go. I rushed to my car and started driving the Accent with a full gear and I was not sure if I would have driven the car that way even when I was abroad. Yet, the urge to meet my Suja and ask her sorry and kiss her sweet lips kept running in my mind. I would be with her in another 5 hrs. she would wait for me in Taj. I am going to be with her, holding her hands, hugging her. I would feel her soft body.. what not. I couldn’t control my thoughts. My entire travel from Bangalore to Chennai made me pick up so many official and personal calls. My bro Varun had called me and he wouldn’t know that I would be there in Chennai. I wanted to go and meet Suja first. Vickram, the Van Heusen manager called me and said its urgent that he wanted to speak to me. No no ….. Not now was my answer and I told him that I would meet him during the weekends. 

I reached Chennai. In next 15 mins I would be with Suja. I rushed and reached the hotel. I picked up my bag and laptop and walked to the reception. I asked for room 103 and the guy took me to the room. We ranged the bell, my Suja opened the door. She was dressed in a maroon designer sari. Hair full of flowers. She was dressed like a bride, with all jewels on her. Hand full of bangles and the forehead with a round bindi gave her the look of ……. gorgeous.. was not the word……!!

I entered the room and she closed the door behind me. I sat on the sofa, watching me admist beauty. What a damsel……… she just looks like an angel. She came near me and pressed a kiss on my lips while I closed my eyes. I could feel the heat of urge and wanting from her. I did feel the same, but not now. I wanted to speak to her…………!!!!!!!

Memories will continue……

Dear Readers,
Thank you all for the support on this new writer. You all know that this is my first attempt to write stories and I could complete till the 8th episode. I wanted all your suggestions to know if it would be ok to have my 9th Episode as an intimate and expressive one or a simple one with just few words of their enjoyment…… I assure that it wouldn’t be in worst standard to explain everything. I just want to add in few points about their feelings.. That’s it!!!!!

Your kind suggestions will help me to work on the next episode, Thank you!!!!!!!


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