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Episode 11

Episode 11

Next two days of life in my in laws home. I was pampered and respected. Suja and her parents were curious to know where was I taking her for honey moon. I showed the tickets to them. Suja was not ready to believe it. It would be a very long honey moon. She loved that idea and immediately pressed a kiss on my cheek with a word “ thank you” and ran away without even noticing that  her parents were around.

In another day we were to leave for our honey moon. We packed all the things and then left to  my parents home. Slowly after a chit chat the entire day, we had to leave in the midnight to catch the flight. Arjun ensured that everything would be taken care in office. And the plan ended up to return back from my honey moon and directly head to Bangalore.

It was always the good and experienced saying that when you have your beloved the time will just fly in seconds. Even months would be minutes. Same was with me. I even failed to realize how the time flew. Until it was just 2 days for us to leave to India from Italy. I realized that when Arjun called me. It was a shock again.. Reena got another miscarriage and she was seriously admitted in the hospital. And Arjun was forced to leave to States. He wanted to check with me if I can come back immediately to take care of the official things.. I was happy to do anything for Arjun. Reena’s abortion gave me a shock and I was just worried about her health.

I had promised Suja that I would be taking her to Thailand for two days visit. Which got cancelled as we had to rush to Bangalore. This is called uncertainity. I couldn’t make Suja understand the importance. The poor guy Arjun manages everything without a word for the last 2 months and still what more can I ask? How much of arguments and fights and disappointments? Disgusting. Is this called a married life? I was just out of the scene and wanted to get rid of this lady. How can she be that bad that she cannot even understand others issues as well… I was so tired of all these. I was taught that using bad languages and  hitting a lady is bad.. may be that came into my mind that I stopped my hand from hitting her.

I threw the passport on her and asked  her to enjoy her life and come back when ever she wanted. And started packing my things. She was out of her mind for few mins. She was screaming and god knows in which languages as I couldn’t understand the head or tail of what she was talking about. She finally came back with me. The entire trip was full of silence. I went back to Chennai and as promised.. the second fight started for  not going to Bangalore. She started with that. I was not even concerned to even reply back. I went home. I thought she would stop if she see the elders at home.. but that didn’t happen. She was even more worse. I was sure none of the parents would welcome such an arrogant and shrewd daughter in law. Still my mom came and tried pacifying her. She went and slept with my mom.

It was the next morning when I was getting ready to leave to office my second sister in law Vaishu Anni came and advised me that Suja is a small girl. She is new to this family and I need to be more sensitive and responsible to handle her. Next complete week was just the worst part as Arjun never returned and I had to travel back and forth between Chennai and Bangalore and work kept me busy. I knew Suja would be out of her mind. She started yelling when she saw my brothers been greeted by mom or their wives. She yelled that she didn’t have one at home to do that. She started regretting for getting married to me.

Its all over.. What a human.. we were never brought up that way. A month of official work and Suja’s non stop pressures kept my day worse slowly. I was finally glad to get Arjun back.. Thank god.. he came to save me . I heard that Reena anni is fine and was discharged from the hospital. Heard that her abdominal region and all that girly stuffs are weak and she needs more rest. Arjun’s parents were leaving to states to be with Neeraj anna and Anni.

Arjun took over Bangalore branch as I insisted on that. I wanted to change Suja’s activities. I wanted her to be with my family. She was very adamant. She was just stubborn  to an unbearable state. Iam not a short tempered person normally, but she got on my nerves. She fights to that extent and ends up demanding for sex in bed. I don’t think any one for that matter would go to his wife when she is of  this kind. I tried coming home very soon. I pacified her. She picked up fights at  home when I was not at  home. She started insulting the ladies at home. None wanted even a word to come to my ears as they knew about me. But I head amma talking to my neighbor. She was crying that she screwed my life by getting me married to Suja.

I was not able to even take it any longer. I called Arjun and asked him to come back to Chennai branch. I wanted to handle her all alone. I didn’t want my family to go through this. Finally we went back to Bangalore. Soon slowly as days went by I got used to her anger and words and I even saw  the change in her. She started cooking for me. She greeted me with a smile. End of the day she wanted sex and nothing else. So if I give that to her she  is good to me. O my god.. what a need? When I came to understand that it was highly impossible to be with her every day. Its become a routine.

But I was glad I was able to keep her happy. I called my family and told that Suja has changed and informed that she wanted her own privacy and that’s the reason for her behavior. I knew that they were wounded and hurted by her. But they were happy on hearing that.. may be they thought it was enough if I was happy. I was then asked to come Chennai branch. From there I travelled to Germany. A German company gave me more business. So I had to be there for a conference and finish a business deal.  Suja said that she will be leaving to her mom’s home and be there till I return back.  I left to Germany and that took just more than 20 days to return. There was no phone from Suja pestering to know about my return which surprised me. And when I returned back she was there to welcome me. Next two days was awesome. Suja was so good to me. She kept talking to me to well. Most of all no fights. I was so happy and wished everything went that way. Slowly she started saying that she was getting bored while I go for work. And she doesn’t have any one here to spend her time. She wanted to join work. I was glad. I offered her to come to my office. But she wanted something in her own field. Though I didn’t want her to work under anyone and offered to set up her business. She denied that. Next one month of happiness. But as soon as she joined work. Small fights that she cannot cook at home etc. I got a maid to cook at home too. Now started eating outside more often.

Life was monotonous. I did realize that  I was married for 5 months now and wanted to talk to Suja about a kid.  She didn’t even allow me to complete when I started with this topic. Soon she started coming home late. She even came home at midnights. She was busy with her work and slowly the closeness between us started to reduce. She didn’t want to even sleep with me. She was just busy all the time. She left early. One day I went by her office and wanted to meet her. Probably wanted to have lunch with her. But I was informed that she quit her job long back. I was just shocked. So she started to lie to me. Fantastic. I was sure my life is just screwed to the core. I didn’t talk anything to her about this. She just maintained her life style same way. Slowly I even realized that she come home drunk. I couldn’t even take it any more. I checked her mobile and her laptop slowly when she was sleeping. There were so many messages from men. Most of them were adult jokes and most of them were like seducing messages.

I knew it was the end of it. I really have to find a fix. I asked my PA to call me at one particular time in the morning and asked him to say something like I have to travel abroad etc. the last visit was to Germany and after that I haven’t travelled any where. I told him to say the same thing to Suja as well. As planned, she called me. I was taking my shower and asked her to pick up the call. Suja came back telling me that my PA had informed her that there is one emergency trip to Hong Kong and I have to leave by evening. I left as planned and she waved a happy bye bye. I booked a stay at the hotel and left from there by 2am. I went back home and opened the door. She usually leaves the door locked using the key. So I was sure I can  unlock the door  using my house key.

As soon as I entered my bedroom I heard her voice. I was not clear who was that speaking but I heard another man’s voice. I didn’t want to see any rubbish. I didn’t have the guts to face that. I prayed god that  it should be the TV. But, my instinct was right.. She was with another man on the bed……………….

Memories will continue…..

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